You Have Rights

These are your rights… use them or lose them ! Insist that your rights are respected


You Have Rights

Don’t let management deny you your rights as an employee that are protected by Federal Labor Law. Here’s what you can do, and management legally cannot do: 


  1. CAN openly join, support and organize for the union.
  2. CAN distribute union literature.
  3. CAN wear union buttons, pins, badges and stickers.
  4. CAN sign union cards and petitions, take part in collective steps to improve your wages and working conditions.
  5. CAN exercise the right of speech. (If you are permitted to talk about community and social activities at work, you can talk about the union as long as it doesn’t interfere with the normal flow of work.)
  6. CAN attend union meetings.

You Have Rights


  1. CANNOT discriminate against us for supporting or being a member of the union.
  2. CANNOT prevent us from distributing union literature on hospital property if we are not interfering with the normal flow of work.
  3. CANNOT prevent us from wearing buttons.
  4. CANNOT threaten us with job loss, reduction in pay or reduced promotional opportunities because we support the union.
  5. CANNOT interfere with our right to free speech.
  6. CANNOT take part in union business.
  7. CANNOT permit other unions or organizations to solicit and distribute literature in work areas while denying us the same right.
  8. CANNOT question our feelings about the union.

These are your rights… use them or lose them ! Insist that your rights are respected.

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