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What is Just Cause?

Did the employer, before administering guidance to an employee


What is Just Cause?

Without a union, employees are “at will” employees, meaning they can be fired without just cause. Working under a union contract changes that, giving people workplace rights. But what, exactly, is just cause? Answering “No” to any of these  questions normally means the employer does not have just and proper cause.

Did the employer provide forewarning?

Was the employee given forewarning or foreknowledge of the possible or probable disciplinary consequences of their conduct? The warning may be given orally or in printed form. An exception may be made for certain conduct (I.e., insubordination, coming to work chemically impared, drinking on the job, or stealing company property).

Was it a reasonable rule?   

Was the employer’s rule or managerial order reasonably related to (a) the orderly, efficient, and safe operation of the company’s business, and (b) the performance that the employer might properly expect of the employee?

Did the employer investigate? 

Did the employer, before administering guidance to an employee, make an effort to discover whether the employee did, in fact, violate or disobey a rule or order of management? The investigation normally should be made before the decision to discipline is made. However, there are immediate action is required, the best course of action is to suspend the employee pending investigation with the understanding that the worker will be reinstated and paid for lost time if there is no basis for punishment.

What is Just Cause?

Was the investigation fair?

Was the company’s investigation conducted fairly and objectively?

Did the “judge” find proof?

At the investigation, did the “judge” obtain substantial evidence or proof that the employee was guilty as charged? It is not required that the evidence be conclusive or “beyond a reasonable doubt,” except where the alleged misconduct is of such criminal or reprehensible nature as to stigmatize the employee and seriously impair their chances for future employment.

Are all employees being treated fairly?

Has the company applied its rules, orders, and penalties evenhandedly and without discrimination to all employees? If enforcement has been lax in the past, management can’t suddenly reverse its course and begin cracking down without first warning employees of its intent.

Is the penalty appropriate?

Was the degree of discipline administered by the company reasonably related to (a) the seriousness of the employee’s proven offense, and (b) the record of the employee in his/her service with the company? If the employee A’s past record is significantly better than Employee B’s, the company may properly punish Employee A more lightly than Employee B for the same offense.

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Grievance Procedure

Failure to report violations means we can’t defend you and may result in loss of your workplace rights


Grievance Procedure

Every contract negotiated by UFCW 141 includes a grievance procedure for addressing contract violations as they arise. The procedure is negotiated by individual bargaining units and varies according to their unique needs. They share similarities and differences, and are legally binding.

All include a time frame for which to file a grievance. Also included is a contractually binding number of steps and definitions of those steps. Therefore, it is crucial that an employee promptly file a grievance when he or she discovers that a contract violation has occurred. If a grievance is not filed within the time frame contained in the contract, the grievance generally cannot be pursued.

The procedure progresses through management and administration, and if no resolution is forthcoming, may include binding arbitration. The member is supported and may be accompanied by union representatives.

Your procedure is detailed in your contract. If you feel you have a grievance, consult your union representative at the Local 141 office. The office staff works closely with bargaining unit officers to provide the best possible representation.

All email is discoverable in court (if your grievance should reach that point) so to best ensure your privacy, we cannot risk accepting grievances by email. However, we would like to hear from you by phone or personal contact if you feel your contract has been violated.

Failure to report violations means we can’t defend you and may result in loss of your workplace rights. So that we can best represent you and your practice, let us know of unacceptable conditions in your facility. You are the union. Protect yourself by standing up for your rights.

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UFCW UnionPlus Program

As UFCW Members, the people we represent are entitled to a number of benefits and special offers available only to Union Members across the nation and beyond.  Below is a selection of some of the offers available to members through the UnionPlus Program.  Check back regularly for updates and new offers.

UFCW UnionPlus Program



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Core Elements of a Hospital Comprehensive

Core Elements of a Hospital Comprehensive Influenza Policy


Core Elements of a Hospital Comprehensive

We are committed to the health and safety of the nurses, health care workers, patients and the communities they serve. Because of this commitment, we strongly recommend that all nurses, health care providers and other hospital personnel be vaccinated against all influenza viruses and support voluntary efforts that aim for 100% vaccination rates.

We also believe that any vaccination policy is only one component of a comprehensive influenza prevention policy. Here are the core components of a comprehensive influenza policy that we believe must be included in any influenza policy adopted by hospitals in Washington State:

  1. Voluntary efforts that aim for 100% vaccination rates, including annual education and implementation of comprehensive influenza vaccination programs for all health care providers.
  2. Employers must ensure that influenza vaccines are available and offered to every health care worker annually at convenient times and locations.
  3. Employers must ensure that appropriate protection and safety measures are in place to provide a safe workplace environment for nurses and health care workers including following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requirements for influenza prevention and hierarchy of controls.
  4. Masking policies must follow CDC guidelines for all workers, not just those unvaccinated (currently required when within 6 feet of patients) and not be used as a retaliation or punishment for unvaccinated workers.
  5. If a declination form is required for vaccination, the employee must be able to sign the form confidentially; that is, the health care worker must not be required to divulge personal health information or declare the reason(s) for refusal of a vaccine. The employer must not discriminate against or discipline a nurse or health care worker for opting out.
  6. The employer must not discriminate against or discipline nurses or health care workers for the appropriate use of sick time due to influenza.

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Unsafe Staffing

Liability is always shared between the staff nurse and supervisor

Unsafe Staffing

A situation in which a registered nurse is unable to provide quality care to his/her patients/clients. An understaffed unit is an incident.

Any time the floor or unit is understaffed, you have a duty to make that known. Use an Incident Report/ Quality Assurance form and/or the Staffing Assignment Report. An understaffed unit is an area of liability, a risk that needs to be brought to the attention of the manager.

From a liability perspective, you need documentation that each level of the organization was aware of staffing difficulties.

  • Tell your supervisor or nurse manager.
  • Make copies for yourself and the Local 141 representative.
  • Give a copy to your manager or risk management..
  • Send a copy to Local 141.

We then notify Nursing Administration. This is the only proof that you recognized and reported a potentially dangerous situation to the hospital administrator who is responsible for solving it. If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen.

Unsafe Staffing

Staff Nurse Liability:

  • Liability is always shared between the staff nurse and supervisor.
  • When working on understaffed units, you do face an increased possibility of liability.
  • Floating to an area with which you are unfamiliar will incur a higher risk of liability.
  • Much of your liability depends on whether or not you prioritize your tasks appropriately.

Supervisor Liability

  • Supervisors will share liability for patient injuries.
  • They also share liability if they knowingly float individuals to areas outside their competency.
  • Supervisors have a duty to help understaffed units by obtaining additional staff, pitching in to help, and they should make frequent visits to understaffed units.
  • All nurses, whether supervisory or not, need to be careful and cognizant that they will remain liable for all tasks attempted, completed, and omitted.

Institutional Liability

  • The hospital remains liable for the behavior of it’s employees

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