37-year-old Karl Villagracia is an enlisted nurse at Prince George’s Hospital Center. He said he’s been thinking about COVID-19 patients since the start of this pandemic. Read Ufcw 141 Nurses Union for more information.

“At the point when I go to work I get like three to four patients, they are generally positive,” Villagracia said.

Villagracia said he never thought he’d take on his own conflict with COVID-19.

He recollects toward the beginning of April getting back home from work with a high fever. Villagracia said he called his significant other and advised her not to draw close to him and to simply leave supper outside of the room entryway since he was not feeling great, and dreaded it was COVID-19.

Registered Nurse With Covid-19 Recovered  And Is Back

VIllagracia said when he had supper that night, he was unable to taste or smell it. The following day he said he was hacking, had an irritated throat, looseness of the bowels, chills, and brevity of breath.

“I was thinking goodness my God, this is diverse now,” he said. “I never felt like this. I’m solid and I don’t have a basic infection, nothing,” he said.

Villagracia said he went to a testing place and not long after tried positive for COVID-19. He had the option to deal with his manifestations at home, however, said it was very troublesome.

“Those were the most noticeably terrible days of my life,” he said. “I implored God to give me one more opportunity. I just bartered with God, give me the apparatuses to battle this, give me the antibodies, everything so I can get back and accomplish my work.”

Villagracia said after around three weeks at home, he made a full recuperation and is back busy working.

“I would not like to return to work until all the side effects were gone,” he said.

Villagracia said he’s glad he can think about patients again and be a living model that they can beat the infection.

‘This infection lowered me so much,” he said. “I’m simply honored to be alive, you know?”

Villagracia said probably the hardest part about chipping away at the cutting edges is that he has been truly removing himself from his family for over a month.

“I don’t need them to feel what I encountered,” he said.


When he got COVID-19, he remained in one space to guard his better half and child. Despite the fact that he has recouped, he’s as yet social removing from them after work.

“I miss them so much, you know, I trust this thing closes soon on the grounds that I truly miss them,” Villagracia said. “There is no cooperation, I simply wave at them. I can’t embrace them, I can’t kiss them for the present.”

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