Grievance Procedure

Failure to report violations means we can’t defend you and may result in loss of your workplace rights


Grievance Procedure

Every contract negotiated by UFCW 141 includes a grievance procedure for addressing contract violations as they arise. The procedure is negotiated by individual bargaining units and varies according to their unique needs. They share similarities and differences, and are legally binding.

All include a time frame for which to file a grievance. Also included is a contractually binding number of steps and definitions of those steps. Therefore, it is crucial that an employee promptly file a grievance when he or she discovers that a contract violation has occurred. If a grievance is not filed within the time frame contained in the contract, the grievance generally cannot be pursued.

The procedure progresses through management and administration, and if no resolution is forthcoming, may include binding arbitration. The member is supported and may be accompanied by union representatives.

Your procedure is detailed in your contract. If you feel you have a grievance, consult your union representative at the Local 141 office. The office staff works closely with bargaining unit officers to provide the best possible representation.

All email is discoverable in court (if your grievance should reach that point) so to best ensure your privacy, we cannot risk accepting grievances by email. However, we would like to hear from you by phone or personal contact if you feel your contract has been violated.

Failure to report violations means we can’t defend you and may result in loss of your workplace rights. So that we can best represent you and your practice, let us know of unacceptable conditions in your facility. You are the union. Protect yourself by standing up for your rights.

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